Liaison Program


The AGA D.C. Liaison program is a wonderful way to stay "in the know" about professional development and networking opportunities and to get to know your colleagues at work better. By serving as the AGA D.C. liaison for your agency, you'll provide an important link for spreading the word about AGA D.C. and helping the chapter grow its membership.

As an AGA D.C. liaison, you'll be up-to-the-minute on what's happening in AGA and have an opportunity to get to know people in all areas of government financial management at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as private sector and academia - and in all functional areas of expertise: accounting, auditing, and budgeting to name a few.

Thank you for contributing to the AGA D.C. Liaison Program's success! We hope it is a rewarding experience for you.


We will host two free luncheon programs during the year for liaisons and those interested in becoming liaisons to provide information regarding the AGA D.C. Liaison program as well as other Membership and chapter activities.


  • Actively promote membership in AGA D.C. within your agency/organization
  • Communicate and coordinate outreach opportunities with the AGA D.C. Membership and Agency Liaison Committee
  • Encourage participation in AGA D.C. events within your agency/organization


The AGA D.C. Membership and Agency Liaison Committee
Marguerite Nealon, Co-Director (
Treasury, Financial Management Service
Office: (202) 874-5709

LeAnn Corcoran, Co-Director (
Savantage Solutions
Office: (301) 258-5628

Ruth Apelt, Assistant Director (
Thomson Tax and Accounting
Office: (703) 548-0368